Brenda's 2003 Daily Iditarod Coverage
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February 28, 2003

Last minute preparations and SNOW in time for Iditarod!!

Today was spent with last minute preparations by many mushers. Bill finished Scotchguarding and seam-sealing Lynda Plettner's sled bag then we made a trip up to her kennel to see our dogs. They were very muddy but happy to see us, as always. (Check our photo gallery for more shots later in the "Pre-Race" folder.) Bill helped Lynda get her sled packed while Jordan wrapped duct tape on handles and ski poles. Tony and Dolores Waffen were busy helping Ellen Halverson with her final packing. Ellen was in great spirits regarding her race tomorrow.


Later in the day we headed to the Millenium Hotel for the Fund Raiser Dinner and Auction. All sort of neat items were in the silent and live auction, from old mail cachets to one of a kind jackets, rare signed booties, to autographed race bibs to fur coats. We are now the proud owners of a couple of really cool prints, one signed by Joe Redington Sr, and a mail cachet carried and signed by Herbie Nayokpuk. The dinner was wonderful, filet mignon being the main course. We met a vice principal from Hayesville NC who had come up for her first race after hearing Bill speak at their middle school two years ago. Wish Myra had come along too!!





And after we left the auction, there was SNOW in time for the truck-load. Huge dump trucks were starting to bring in loads of snow from wherever they were able to stockpile and placing it on 4th Avenue. Spreaders were smoothing out the chilly mix to be ready in time for morning. An amazing transformation was taking place as we left about midnight. Click on the Alaska Cam on our front page,, and you can see the snow. The race begins at 10:00AM Alaska time, which is four hours earlier than EST. Stay tuned........................................


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