Brenda's 2003 Daily Iditarod Coverage
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March 21
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February 25, 2003
More RAIN in the Valley. Visits with Idita-Support friends, GB Jones and Lynda Plettner.

Today we drove over to ITC Headquarters to see who was around. A couple of dog trucks were in the lot for their team's vet check and EKGs. Clint Warnke of Washington and the Norwegian contingent were inside. Clint was heading over to Zach Steer's area to get in a training run. Robert Sorlie told Bill there was much more snow in Norway but he felt confident about the race. Jason Barron passed through while we were there also. Bootie Brigade members, Bob and Becky Griffith, were shopping for souvenirs at HQ.

We headed over to Knik Lake to visit G.B. Jones next. He was busy hooking up to a four-wheeler to give a ride to a young the rain. The dogs were raring to go in spite of the weather but I'd have to say it just plain looks weird to see sled dogs splashing through puddles of water instead of kicking up snow as they run. Idita-Support Group members June Price, Joyce Joyce, Bob and Pat Ford, Rosemary, Brenda Sperry, Marlene Daniels, Betty Walden and a few others joined the group as we all had lunch at Knik Bar. June and Becky Griffith had lots of gifts for G.B. including some really neat red, white and blue bandanas for his team plus matching booties. One package was wrapped Alaskan style in a large blue tarp, sealed with red and white duct tape.

Later the Griffiths, Bill and I headed up to Plettner Kennels to see Bill's dogs. The dogs were SO happy to see him. Some were marooned on top of their dog houses which were surrounded by moats of water!! Fisher was overjoyed and hugged Bill and I over and over. Pony had to be retrieved from a different section of the dog lot as he had broken his collar. Pinky, Crystal, Comet, Mischief, Hazel, Priscilla, Tonto, Smoke, and Popeye all tried to see who could get the most petting and hugging.

Before we left, Becky got to talk booties with Lynda who was mixing up the evening feeding for the dogs. Bob and Becky joined us for dinner at the Nobody's Inn and then for a brief shopping spree at the local Fred Meyer store. And it was still raining.............